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I am not much help in horticulture, but I still think it is beautiful! How are you? I hope you well. I am fine. It is good to see you back to taking pictures. It is good. Have a great day.

Sissy Willis

Just want you to know I'm on the case. Surprisingly elusive -- nothing in any of the books I'm always bragging about -- nothing so far online.

What size are the flowers, and are all four petals -- bracts? -- the same size? Is it woody at all?

There are only so many plant families that have four-petaled flowers, after all . . . Hmmm.


Thanks, Sissy. Just so you know, I've been at it nearly a week.

The petals are 1/2" long, and the leaves are 2"-3" wide and 3"-4" long. They grow alternately from the stem. It's not at all woody-almost reedy, in fact - ≥1/8" dia.

I can't tell if they are bracts. Just don't know enough yet to discriminate.

Have an absolutely spectacular Fourth!

Sissy Willis

Watch this space, big guy. :)


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