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Beautiful photography!!!

Oh and by the way, I was wrong. President's Bush birthday is NEXT month on the 6th. LOL Oh well, both months start with Ju and they are both hot!


Dear Housewife,
So is he!

Dear Mr. Kurtz,
What a beautiful lilly! I wonder...if it's a desert lilly, could it live even though I gave it to my Mom? Poor thing. Every flower dies that she gets. I want to give her a plant (in NY) that will be able to rough it. LOL. Have a great day.



The best I can come up with is: not a good idea for that climate and almost certainly not indoors.

"Like desert mariposa, the bulbs behave as drought-evading annual seeds, flowering only in wet years. They are also very difficult to cultivate. In sand the bulbs may be 2 feet below the surface. This deep location probably protects them from both hungry animals and the summer rains, which might otherwise rot them."

I don't know what resources she has on western plants, but Sissy Willis is wicked smart about plants. And most else as well.



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